Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Love Boat

So Obama offered me a bribe if I'd agree not to post this blog, but I've decided to turn it down. But seriously, another one? Obama could make Richard Nixon go, "Wow, that's a little shady."

I read an article the other day that said that the Gallup Poll now shows the Republicans have the largest favorability over the Democrats at any point in the history of the Gallup Poll--since 1950.

It's not that Democrats can't govern. It's that they have in Obama, a radical, with radical ideas about the world, and instead of saying, "Wait a minute. This is not what the Democrat party stands for," the Dems just blindly go along with it. Healthcare remains unpopular and gets worse as more Americans lose their coverage because the bill causes premiums to go up, forcing employers to drop coverage. Now 70% of the country say they support Arizona's law and Obama says he opposes it and it will lead to racial profiling (hint: all laws can be used for racial profiling). Bush's approval rating shot up to a record breaking 90% approval with his handling of 9/11, but Obama's perceived handling of the BP Oil spill has caused his rating to drop. I don't really understand why, to be honest. But, Obama also has people that don't like him based on things that aren't true--secret Muslim, born in Kenya, closet racist, etc. And yeah, I'm embarrassed for all Republicans when idiot "birthers" demand to see Obama's birth certificate. Come on, really? Do you honestly think if there was even the slightest possibility that Obama was born in Kenya that it wouldn't be plastered all over the news constantly with hordes of journalists out snooping around? With all the actual real stuff to not like about Obama, people gotta make up crazy crap like this?

Back to bad stuff about Obama that's actually true... He had Bill Clinton bribe Joe Sestak with something they now claim didn't have tangible value, thus isn't technically a bribe. Anyone dumb enough to believe that? So now another candidate's come forward claiming Obama bribed him. Only this time, it was with a job that did have worth. Ah crap, how will they get out of this? So now they're spinning it that they didn't actually offer the jobs, only that they presented that the jobs existed. Huh, what?

So here goes. Andrew Romanoff applied for a job with the White House in 2008. He was turned down. Now, two years later, he decides to run against one of Obama's buddies for the senate seat in Colorado. The White House contacts Romanoff to let him know he can instead have that job he applied for. This is a federal crime to offer someone a bribe to drop out of an election for high political office. So the White House, having gotten caught committing another crime, is now trying to say that they didn't actually offer Romanoff the job. They just contacted him to make him aware of the job and that he could look into going for it... as if he wasn't aware of a job...THAT HE APPLIED FOR AND DIDN'T GET 2 YEARS EARLIER. These are terrible lies. They just insult your intelligence. Can Obama just go to jail now?

So I haven't been a big fan of Israel lately, but I'm cautiously on their side with this whole boat / blockage thing. New information could change my opinion, but so far, I agree with them. So here's the deal. Hamas took over Gaza a few years ago, and started firing rockets into Israel, right into the homes of civilians. So Israel invades, beats them up, takes their rockets, and leaves. Yeah, lots of innocent civilians got killed in the process, and that sucks, but that happens in war. So Israel blockades Gaza so no ships can get in. This means the people of Gaza would starve and die except that Israel gives Gaza massive shipments of food to keep them alive. Is it enough food, I don't know. But that's how this has been going on. Gaza is basically a large prison instead of a small country(well, it's not technically a country, but whatever).

So a bunch of activists decide to load up their boat and try and get through Israel's blockade to get "food and medicine" to Gaza. Israel offers to inspect the boat beforehand, and let them through if there's no weapons on board. The activists refuse and sail up to the blockade. So when Israel inspects the boat, the activists attack. Some of the activists admit to firing guns(there's footage to prove it and a few Israeli soldiers were wounded), but they claim they had to take the guns away from Israeli troops and fire the guns at them in self defense. This is complete bull.

The activists never had any intention of bringing aid to Gaza. They purposely tried to pick a fight with Israel in hopes of causing an international scene, which is exactly what happened. One activist was interviewed by Iran state run media saying he was ready to be a martyr.

Despite it clearly being a set up, even many European countries are condemning Israel. Obviously, nearly all the Muslim countries are strongly condemning it. Obama is in a bad spot here. He's made strides reaching out to Muslims, which I think is a good thing. But he's forced having to take Israel's side here. I'm not going to play arm chair president here. I'm glad I'm not president to have to make these hard and delicate balancing acts. I can't say I'm all that glad Obama is.

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