Monday, May 31, 2010

The Specter of Communism

So looks like Obama has committed a federal crime and even the liberal media are starting to take notice. Joe Sestak has repeatedly stated that the White House offered him a job if he would promise not to run against Arlen Specter for the PA senate seat. Senator Arlen Specter, of course, was a republican and Obama convinced Spector to change parties to become a democrat, giving the Dems a 60 seat super majority in the senate. That is, until the Democrat that was planning to run against then republican Specter, decided he still wanted to run against Specter for the seat, only now had to run against him first in the democrat primary since they were now on the same side.

Looks like Sestak was offered a bribe if he would change his mind. A bribe he turned down. This is a federal crime to offer someone a bribe for dropping out of a race for high political office. The Obama's people have completely dodged all questions, hoping the issue would go away. It didn't go away and Sestak defeated Arlen Specter in the recent democrat primary in an incredibly embarrassing election for Obama and his turncoat friend. Specter is now only the second democrat incumbent in US history to lose the primary for a senate seat. Now the Dems have a problem. Either let their guy(who they didn't want, but are now stuck with) running for the Senate to look like a liar, or allow Obama to be the liar. If Obama is lying and that gets out, the republicans can push to have a special investigator look into it, much in the way that republicans did the same to Bill Clinton for lying under oath about having sex with interns. Of course Clinton got impeached, but not removed from office, and the whole thing backfired on republicans by a public that saw it as a cheap political ploy based on something no one cared about. Well, and rightfully so. But Obama bribing a fellow politician is a little different than cheating on a spouse. Congress has to approve a special prosecutor. The Democrat controlled Congress will never vote for that, so it means the President has a free pass to break the law as he sees fit and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Or as Alcee Hastings, Democrat Congressman from Florida famously said earlier this year, "There ain't no rules around here. We make them up as we go along." Why does it seem that only us "right wing nut jobs," care as our government moves closer to socialism and bothers less and less to even have the decency to try and hide it.

Speaking of Clinton, Sestak and Obama's people seem to have suddenly come out with the explanation that Bill Clinton was the one that offered "the bribe," and that it wasn't a bribe at all but rather an offer for an unpaid volunteer position on some meaningless board--thus a thing of no monetary value, therefore not a bribe. Come on. Anyone dumb enough to believe that? He said the White House offered him a job, and now the story is someone not affiliated with the White House offered him a non paying job. It insults our intelligence. So why is Sestak changing his story? Because he doesn't want to be going into an election as a democrat accusing Obama of a felony. All sides know it's a lie, but it's a lie that ends the debate. For now.

Speaking of Obama and lies, I've noticed more and more this repeated crap about blaming the recession on the republicans. Every economist on the planet agrees the recession was mostly caused by the falling of the housing market. The housing market collapsed because the federal government was paying private banks to gamble--give loans to people that had no clear means to ever pay it back. The federal government, unwittingly, directly worked to destabilize the banking industry. It had been slowly building for a decade and was bound to burst eventually. Imagine how different things would have been had to collapse happened in 2009 instead of 2007. Whose fault was it? A combination of people in both parties. But blaming all republicans... as if all of us conspired together to bring it down like we're all one people that all know each other, it's just so ridiculous and stupid. It makes me think that either Obama is flat out lying, trying to shift blame away from the fact that his "stimulus bill" turned out to be a colossal waste of money that accomplished very little as he tries to find a scapegoat. Or, Obama seriously has no idea what he's doing or how a capitalist system works. So liar or idiot. I don't mean "idiot" in the sense that I think the system is easy to understand. It's far beyond me in its complexity, but then, I'm not trying to run the country. I don't blame him for not being able to snap his fingers and fix everything. I believe he genuinely wants to fix everything. I just wish he'd stop the blame game and admit that Dems screwed up too. After all, they had control of congress for a year before the recession hit. They can't escape without blame on this. That's not reasonable.

Well, as a side note, it looks like Obama's approval rating is going down because of public opinion on the handling of the oil spill. While it's good Obama's numbers go down, I sure wish they were going down for the right reason like: socialism = bad, healthcare bill = job killer, big government = inefficient, opposing Arizona's right to protect itself = wrong. I have very little idea what it's like behind the scenes with everything that's involved there. My gut tells me Obama is probably doing all he reasonably can, and therefore should not be facing fallout for this. BP has massive financial incentives to stop the leak. No doubt they're doing all they can. Though, to be honest, BP's motivations are slightly different. Due to the laws passed after the Valdez disaster, BP can only be sued for up to 75 million in damages. The damages have already exceeded that. So BP no longer has motivation to stop the damage. Their only financial motivation is not in the mess, but in the loss of oil. Obviously, they can't sell spilled oil.

I've read that other countries have closed offshore, gushing wells by using explosives to plug the hole. BP doesn't want to do that because then they're have to drill a new hole to get to the oil again. And that costs money.

Now, to delve into the conspiracy side. BP has given more campaign contribution money to Obama than any other candidate in US history. How much "hardball" can Obama really play to keep his "boot to BP's neck" as one of his aids put it? After all, Obama is in BP's pocket. Well, there's probably nothing to that. Just enough to raise a brow of suspicion.

I thought it was interesting how many left leaning news outlets explored that side of the debate and pointed out that BP gave to the McCain campaign as well--though not as much. Does that really matter? Kind of a weird detail but more of the "Oh yeah, well it's the republican's fault!" mentality. I mean, McCain isn't president. Does it make any bit of difference how much bribe money BP gave to people that ended up not being president? Isn't that completely irrelevant? I can promise you that if McCain was elected instead and the issues was raised, no where in the news would anyone be saying, "Well, they gave Obama money too, and more of it!"

Healthcare is still making news. The CBO came out and said that HC was going to cost a couple hundred billion more than previously estimated. This puts it well over the "deficit neutral" claim Obama made that no one seemed to believe at the time anyways. Why the recent change? Well, because as employers decide more and more that it's far cheaper to pay the fine than to provide insurance, more and more people are losing their insurance and being pushed into government programs thus turning this into socialized medicine--exactly what the Dems in charge kept lying to us, claiming wasn't going to happen and now it is. Are they idiots that didn't see it coming or did they know exactly what they were doing and wanted to move us into an unpopular socialist system through lies and deception?

I hate injustice. And I hate knowing that we have politicians that can flat out lie and think they can get away with it. I guess we'll know in November how many people are still falling for it.

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