Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poizning the Well

Well, I voted for Steve Poizner yesterday. I knew it wouldn't do any good. But it's just a primary. Looks like Prop 14 is going to pass. Maybe we can start voting out some of the radicals now in the state legislature. I don't know how I missed voting for Carly Fiorina. I realized after I turned in my ballot, I didn't remember voting for the senate. At least I still get to vote for her when it counts in Nov.

I'm luke warm about Meg Whitman. I think the only thing I like about her is that Condoleezza Rice supports her and she doesn't want to mess with property tax caps. I thought her negative ads against Poizner were highly misleading if not plain wrong. I don't take her as genuine, but considering the alternative, just about anyone with a pulse would be better. I have a feeling California will become the unemployment capitol of the world if Jerry Brown wins. His supporters are saying that things were fine when he was governor. Yeah, but Brown is a maintainer, not a fixer. The state seriously needs to cut spending, cut education for executives that make six figures but don't do anything, break the stranglehold the mafia / unions have on this state, and lower taxes so businesses stop fleeing the state. Brown's not going to do any of the things we actually need done. Will Meg? She says she will. But will she? I don't know. I'll vote for her though and hope for the best.

I'm a lot more excited about voting for Carly Fiorina though. Boxer has been a long time embarrassment for this state. Hurry up November.

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