Saturday, July 3, 2010

One of the Other 57 States

The Liberals would like to boycott Arizona, if only they could find it on the map. I'm talking about Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee County. Her and the county board voted on whether the county of Milwaukee should boycott Arizona or not. West's argument in favor? She claimed that since Arizona wasn't a border state, but rather was "a ways removed from the border" that the popular voter approved law was less justified. She went on to say that she googled the name of the bill, saw a picture of Obama and Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, meeting, and thus this means that Brewer must already have the national guard sent to her state so there's no need for Arizona to pass such a law. To Milwaukee's credit, someone else on the board corrected Supervisor West immediately after, politely reminding her that Arizona is, in fact, a border state.

Ok, so most liberals are not this dumb. But, it is pretty frightening that an elected official in her second term(so she's been in office a while), shows up at a meeting on whether to contribute to an economically devastating boycott or not and... I mean, wow. Now, I realize there are people out there that might not make geography a high priority in their lives. Americans are notoriously bad at geography. It's nearly non existent in our school system--I know I never had to take it. But wouldn't you think if you were an elected official and you stepped up to the mic to speak on a subject to make an argument... don't you think you'd at least find out if Arizona was a border state or not?

Of course, it's not the end of the world if the county of Milwaukee has an idiot for a Supervisor. I don't even know what a County Supervisor does. But it wasn't that long ago after Obama appointed Attorney General Eric Holder admitted after announcing he would sue Arizona on the Constitutionality of the law on behalf of the White House, that he later admitted to Congress that he hasn't actually even read the bill. Hell, *I've* read the bill. It was only 14 damn pages! He later said that, although he didn't read the bill, he was going off what he heard about it in the media. In the media? What does that mean? Like Jay Leno made a joke on the Tonight Show and the top lawyer in the country that represents Obama on all legal matters decides to threaten Arizona with a lawsuit? This is all politics. The Democrats know that illegal immigrants have children born in this country so that they become American citizens, then they support Democrats. No matter how ridiculous the steps they have to take, the Dems know they need to make latinos happy to court their votes.

So I was staying fairly neutral about Obama's handling of the oil spill. But there's been increasing information that Obama is really screwing up. First off, there's the Jones Act. The Jones Act was something that the unions wanted. Unions, of course, are the financial backers of the Democrat party, so to be fair, the Democrats have to keep the unions happy much like the Republicans have to keep big business happy. The Jones Act makes it so that no boat can be used to clean up the oil spill unless the boat was made in the US and is piloted by a fully American crew--thus to protect American jobs. Obama could easily suspend the Jones Act, but he's not going to. He has to keep the unions happy, and they like it.

So instead, he's allowed a few boats here and there to apply for Jones Act waivers. They claim a couple have done so. These boats and their crew may spend weeks waiting for the paper work, so while a couple or more may have made it through, many have not. The statistics I've heard from numerous sources is that there's over 2,000 skimmer boats available to use to clean up the oil, but only about 20 are actually being allowed in. That's 1% capacity--not very good numbers. ABC, a news organization that certainly is a more pro-Obama news agency, even did a report interviewing a few frustrated managers on the ground saying that Obama's people are falsifying the number of skimmers going out and people involved in the clean up. So the real numbers could be that even less than 20 skimmers are actually out on the water. If I was BP, I'd look at Obama and say, "Screw you guys, we're going to put as many skimmers out there as we can and clean up this damn oil now instead of sitting around wasting money and fudging the books."

What else? So Obama recently attributed the failed Stimulus Bill to creating 600,000 jobs. I would have so much more respect for Obama if he'd just come out and admit that the Stimulus Bill was a colossal failure. I mean, with 48% of the Stimulus Bill money spent to create jobs, that means 600,000 job created cost $700,000 dollars for each job. If that's success to the mind of a liberal, I'd hate to see failure. I mean, $700,000 dollars for just one job... you should be able to hire 20 people for that. That's horrible efficiency. After all, it doesn't mean that the people hired made $700,000 dollars. It means someone got paid minimum wage or a little better, and the other 90% of the money went poof.

What if instead he waved taxes and start up fees for new businesses. How many more jobs would he have created for a hell of a lot less money? Wouldn't you bet BP is getting charged by the government for 2,000 skimmers operating a day but only seeing 20? That's government efficiency right there. And the Libs want to grow our government even bigger and they wonder why the American public rejects them.

Health care remains unpopular. The CBO announced that despite Obama promising over and over that you could keep your healthcare plan if you like it, most Americans will be unable to keep their plan. This is another in a far too long line of broken promises. This, coupled with the announcement months before by the Congressional Budget Office that HC will cost over a hundred million more than Obama promised--putting it well over the trillion dollar mark Obama promised it wouldn't exceed. That doesn't count the closing of the donut hole and the "doctor fix," that's getting tacked on later that will cost hundreds of millions more. The donut hole is the fact that Social Security doesn't pay enough to fully cover some prescription medication costs. The "Doctor Fix," is the compensation for the fact that Medicare and Medicaid doesn't pay doctors the same amount of money for their services--meaning that doctors make less money from treating lower income people. Since doctors can choose to stop seeing Medicare and Medicaid patients, less and less of such patients will be able to see a doctor--a growing trend now.

So far, out of the Stimulus Bill, the Health Care Bill, the Oil Spill, and Immigration Issue, Obama is 0 and 4, and on the wrong side of public opinion on all 4. I'd have to say this puts him at the level of complete and utter failure--made all the worse by the fact that his party, the Democrats, held a super majority in Congress for most of that time. A super majority! If Obama wanted to pass a law that we all had to wear speedos and do jumping jacks on our front lawn, he could do it. He could have done anything he wanted, and he's still 0 and 4. His approval rating is about 45%. Who the hell are these 45% of people? Do you all still really hate Bush that badly that Charles Manson could have been elected and you'd still going around saying, "Well, at least he's not Bush." I don't understand people, I guess.

So, you might be thinking, "Obama still has 2 and a half more years. He'll need more time than that to clean up the mess Bush made!" Of course, I'd bet you can't actually name a single policy Bush passed that "messed up the county." You're just going off what your friends say. I'm not suggesting Bush was a great president. I'm only suggesting that before you hate the man, you do some research and figure out what it is about him you think was bad and come up with a logical argument that's not one sided. Anyway, back to my point. Obama does have 2 and a half more years. He's already lost his super majority in the Senate thanks to the special election replacing Ted Kennedy with Republican Scott Brown. The Republicans will either take back both houses in Congress at the end of this year or at least come really close to it. In either case, the Democrat's ability to pass unpopular legislation against the will of the American people ends at the end of this year. Obama has already demonstrated his contempt for Republicans. Where as Bill Clinton pivoted and worked with Republicans for the betterment of the country, Obama will not. He will fight for his twisted and discredited ideas until the bitter end. No Republican will go along with his horrible and unrealistic ideas and he will get voted out in 2012. It's my hope, that Newt Gengrich takes his place.

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