Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keeping Up with the Chapmans

Vice President Biden was on Jay Leno tonight. In talking about sending the 10 caught Russian spies back to Russia, Jay asked Biden about the beautiful Russian spy Anna Chapman. Biden said it was not his decision to send her back. I was watching one of the tvs at my gym while on the treadmill and I busted up laughing.

Biden and Obama both are pretty funny and charismatic. I want to like them. They're just so horribly wrong with their political ideology. But speaking of the spies, is it me, or is it a little strange that we've been watching them for the last ten years, decide to finally arrest them, then almost instantly, hand them over to Russia? I feel like this is a massive cover up. What it could possibly be covering up, I have no idea. But they committed a crime against us. Shouldn't they get at least a little jail time first? I realize an American jail is like a resort compared to jails in other countries. To be honest, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Anna came back to the US and got her own reality show. Wouldn't you watch at least the first episode?

Speaking of reality tv show stars, Rod Blagojevich has been making some interesting claims lately. In the wake of Obama being caught offering bribes to other Democrats in exchange for them not running against his friends, Blago is claiming that Obama offered him a bribe in exchange for him appointing Obama's friend Valerie Jarret to Obama's old senate seat. It's either been confirmed or at least it's highly likely that Obama did ask Blago to appoint Jarret to the senate seat. Blago said that he wasn't going to give it up for nothing. Now if Obama made an offer, then Obama has broken the law. Blago is claiming Obama did, but it's my gut feeling that Blago is either lying or exaggerating to save himself. I think Obama dodges a bullet on this one.

But if it's true and somehow gets confirmed, we could possibly see another president get the "Nixon treatment." I think Obama is as arrogant as Nixon and feels he's above the law. I think it's likely that Obama did hint at possible bribes, but I think if Blago could prove it, he would have done so by now. So I think the story goes no where, but I guess we'll find out.

I don't know why, but I don't really want Obama to go down that way. I'd rather the country see socialism at "its finest," and decide never to vote in another Liberal ever again. It's sort of interesting that at the G20, Europe essentially said that Socialism has broken them, and they're going to reduce government spending. That would mean every country that's ever tried Socialism either fell into totalitarianism or reverted back to capitalism before it was too late. I guess all the rioting in Greece really scared people and they knew that could easily be their country next. We're speeding down the same path and will be until Obama gets voted out.

Hmm, what else? Oh, the New Black Panthers. Have you seen that video that's on the news? So these two members of the New Black Panthers stood in front of a polling place in a white neighborhood the day of the 2008 election. They're both dressed in the para military New Black Panther uniform. One of them named King Samir Shabazz pounds a billy club in his palms asking stuff like, "Where you goin, cracker?" when white people near in an attempt to intimidate voters. There's another video of him on youtube showing him with a megaphone at some black heritage festival telling people they have to kill white people and kill their babies to be free of white oppression. Nice guy, huh? Ok, so the KKK did (does?) the same thing. Racism is wrong no matter what color the idiot who spouts hatred and ignorance. And he was convicted of voter intimidation along with some white people doing the same against black people in a black neighborhood. They all need to go to jail. Democracy doesn't work unless people can feel safe voting.

Ok, so why is this in the news again, almost 2 years later? Because Eric Holder, Obama's incompetent Attorney General, decided recently to drop charges against the two New Black Panthers despite the many videos of them on youtube calling people crackers, intimidating people with weapons, and saying racist hate speech. The reason the charges were dropped? Not enough evidence. What the hell? The videos are all over youtube. How is there not enough evidence? Meanwhile the other people arrested in 2008 did not get their cases dropped. But they're not black either.

What's going on here? Well, the rumor is that it's the default position of the Federal Department of Justice to dismiss cases of voter intimidation if the victims are white and the perpetrators are black. Why? Because the Voter Rights Act was meant to protect minorities, not whites. At least that's what Former Justice attorney J. Christian Adams testified on after he resigned over this case.

In a decade or two, white people will no longer be the majority. I think it's important to recognize civil rights for all people, regardless of color, and do that now because soon white people will be minorities. You might think that even with white people in the minority, they'll still be able to hold the majority of power as we do now. This is unfortunately true. I say unfortunate because, although I freely admit that as a white person I do benefit from white privilege, I would rather such divisions of skin color not exist. After all, I'd rather my position in society be determined by my character, my ability, and my achievements, not my genetics. A society that operates otherwise breeds jealousy, mistrust, and hatred. My point, if civil rights is not enforced equally, it causes resentment which fuels discrimination which is ultimately counter productive. So by not prosecuting people of hate crimes because they're black, all that happens is more racial disharmony. A government that treats people equally is essential towards creating equality. We still have a long ways to go towards that goal.

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